Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1000 Miles - Week 2

Here's the weekly tally sheet:

Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: 4 miles incline
Sunday: 3.4 miles outdoors
Monday: 7.3 miles
Tuesday: 3.5 miles (5K at 22:33 plus cooldown)
Week Total: 21.2 miles
Year Total: 51.7 miles

I had a short week at home since we went to Oakland to celebrate Jeff Morrow's (40th) birthday. But I did manage to get some outdoor running done while in relatively sunny California. I've also started to mix in incline and speed work based on the advice of my personal trainer. Yes, this is a thing now. I decided to take the plunge because I wanted to get expert advice on my fitness and health. It's already paid off as she identified that I was favoring one leg over the other in some of my exercises and that could have led to my Marathon injury (left calf). She has a background in cross country distance running as well, so that should help in crafting the right routines to help me get the most out of my workouts. This week, we fly to GP Sacramento, but I'm hoping that between hotel fitness room and decent outdoor running weather, I will get in 2-3 runs while we are there.

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