Thursday, July 4, 2013

Introducing Your NorthWest State and Metro Coordinators + other news

To help assist me in my role as North West US Regional Coordinator, I've selected some judges from around this great region to be my eyes and ears among other things. For the most part, if you live in these areas, you should know these judges. The whole reason I approached these judges was because of their local involvement and leadership, and their communications with me regarding those local communities. I wanted to preserve the nomenclature of "Coordinator" because it is something we have all grown to recognize and understand in relation to the RC role. While I love hearing from judges in general, these individuals are going to be much better points of contact for most local matters, and the people I would be deferring to anyway if I needed information on a local issue. The distinction between State and Metro is that those cities have large judge populations and require a little extra "coordination." As we discuss these roles and see how they develop, I'll have more to say about who to go to for what needs, . Until then, it never hurts to keep all appropriate Coordinators in the loop. Without further ado, here are your State and Metro Coordinators with contact e-mails (fill in appropriate punctuation).

Alaska State Coordinator - Eric Heyne - efheyne[]alaska[]edu
Colorado State Coordinator - Scott Marshall scott_j_marshall_jr[]yahoo[]com
Hawaii State Coordinator - Stephan Classen - drakk2[]yahoo[]com
Idaho/Montana State Coordinator - Ashton Chapman - thedicu[]yahoo[]com
Oregon State Coordinator - Riki Hayashi - rikipedia[]gmail[]com
Washington State Coordinator - James Lee - councillour[]yahoo[]com
Utah State Coordinator - Jeremy Behunin - jeremy.behunin[]gmail[]com
Wyoming State Coordinator - Nole Clauson - nole_clauson[]yahoo[]com

Denver Metro Coordinator - Bryan Spellman - bluesaddict[]gmail[]com
Portland Metro Coordinator - Aaron Henner - saruden[]gmail[]com
Seattle Metro Coordinator - John Carter - sagency[]yahoo[]com

In addition to these Coordinator positions, I'm in the process of setting up Regional "Managers," with the completely arbitrary distinction being that Coordinators are for geographic areas and Managers oversea Region-wide projects. The first Manager is Tasha Jamison, who will be the L2 Testing Manager. This is mostly for you L2 candidates who live far away from a local L3; if you're close to an L3, you should just be talking with that person. Tasha can be reached at stagedtheology[]gmail[]com and would love to help you with best study practices, what you can be doing locally, and finding an opportuntiy for you to sit down with an L3 to test. Of course, it never hurts to CC me on those as well, although even if you don't, I imagine that the information will get to me.

I'm also looking for other Managers, the first being a Tournament Report Manager (spoiler). I would prefer someone not named already in this post, to spread out the workload, and some amount of writing or copy editing experience is preferred. And if you can think of something else you'd like to see to make the NW Judge Community even better, let me know.