Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Hugo and Nebula Project

A few months ago, I made an announcement on Facebook that I was going to read all of the Hugo and Nebula award-winning novels. These are the two highest honors that a Science Fiction novel can achieve, and the best of the best will sometimes win both in the same year. As of 2013, there are 62 Hugo winners and 49 Nebula winners. (The Hugo has been in existence longer and has a number of years where two novels tied.) When I started this project, I had read 16 Hugo and 13 Nebulas.

Since posting about it and putting together my checklist, I've read 5 novels, 3 double-winners, and 2 Hugo winners. There are still 8 double winners that I have yet to read, which can shorten the process a little. The biggest roadblock for me may be the number of tangents I go down while reading. For example, I read Dan Simmons's "Hyperion" and sucked into a tangent reading the four sequels. I'm also now interested in reading a few other Dan Simmons novels now.

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