Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Picture This (You staffed for an event)

As Regional Coordinator, I've been on a bit of a profile photo kick lately, meaning encouraging judges to add profile photos to Judge Center and Judgeapps, and personally taking photos of people whenever possible (although it would help if I could remember to bring the extra shirts to all the events I go to). The reason is simple: I don't know you. Yes, yes. We worked together at that Grand Prix or SCG Open once. Maybe we were even on the same team. Here's the thing; I do a lot of these events, and I meet a lot of people. And while I wish I could remember every single person I've ever come into contact with at a Magic tournament, it just isn't in the cards because I work so many dang events.

And that's just me. It turns out there are other judges out there who have a hand in choosing staff for events. These are the other RCs around the globe, select Judge Managers for GP TOs, or maybe the good old folks at StarCityGames. These people help choose staff for events every week, and on average they probably get around a lot less than I do.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, some people put in a lot of effort into their event application cover letters, maybe even a thousand words worth of effort, to make sure that the people staffing the event have relevant information about their experience as a judge. Those types of cover letters are greatly appreciated, by the way. But then inevitably, some of these awesome cover letters are not accompanied by a profile photo, and I am left to scratch my head. I kind of recognize the name and I feel like I've worked with this person, but I don't remember.

Adding a profile photo to your account is a simple way to help people remember you. It can't take the place of a solid review or dinner with another judge, but every little bit helps, and it's a step that not enough judges are taking right now.

For Judge Center, photos need to be 300x300 pixels or smaller. I've fooled around with various programs and each one has fairly straightforward ways to edit a photo's size. If you don't yet have an official "Magic Judge" shirt, don't fret. Really any black button up shirt will do. You can crop it so that it is shoulders up, or just not worry about a little logo on your chest. It also helps if you smile. No one wants to staff that frowny face.

EDIT: and thanks to David de la Iglesia, fabled judge photographer, here is a link to information on how to add your profile photo to your Judgeapps account. I spy a Sam Straus profile photo.

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